Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Farm

Dropped in on my folks. They weren't home. It was a nice half-thawed day so I wrecked an old pair of running shoes tromping around in the slush taking photos.


Roger said...

i love the "essence of grandma" look to the interror and the old barn is fantastic. the lantern yard lights are great, im goin to do that.

i can almost smell fresh baked cookies

Anonymous said...

wow... if I were to stay at a Bed and Breakfast while traveling cross country, I'd want them to look like this, beautiful!

AphroditeRising said...

Beautiful photography. Bucolic.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful...the subjects and the actual photography.

What was the little house-like object sitting by itself on the edge of a little "cliff?"

Dr. Brainiac said...

Thanks for sharing these, FWG. Is this where you grew up?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Roger - I look forward to seeing a pic of your lanterns. By the way that's not fresh baked cookies you smell but fresh-baked-cookie-scented candles. Welcom to the new millenium.

Kats - The little shack houses an outlet from the artesian spring below the property and an old bathtub that the water gathers in before spilling out into the creek it has formed. The same source feeds the house's plumbing. Fresh springwater from the tap!

Doc - depends what you mean by 'grew up'. My residences were all suburban in my youth but I spent a chunk of my summer vacations at this farm - then my grandparents. But I likely did more growing up in those times than I ever did in school.

Thanks all for the kind words.

By the way - the houseplant on the right - in the first interior shot is more than one hundred years old!