Monday, April 07, 2008

Film: The Wild Dogs


Stray dogs. Small children. Prostitutes. The handicapped. The poor. The enslaved.

This film concerns the vulnerable and those who hold power over them; the men and women of privilege who choose between self-interest and mercy at every moment. Hard choices.

It’s a simple story; more or less a glimpse of things; food for thought, though not delivered with perfect objectivity. Parallels are drawn with transparent calculation.

Much of it is gently delivered with performances so real you know that there are some non-actors here, just being themselves; wonderfully comfortable in front of cameras.

It’s schizophrenic in style and method; at times as deeply resonant as a superior documentary; at times haunting and artful; and at times smacking of CBC made-for-TV; stiff and under-produced.

Overall a sincere little flick reminding there is still regard for kindness in the world. Good good stuff.


Kathleen said...

I like your movie reviews, you actually give me information I want. I suck at reviews and revert to "I loved it, so see it." Pathetic.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I think it's okay to say you love something even if you haven't done the work to gain understanding in what it is you love about it. I'm usually stumped when the I.S. asks why I say it. But I go on saying it.

I would see a movie just because you loved it.