Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Came for a Swallow Tour '08 - Week 2

Some moments from the conclusion of the Niagara Herb and Wine Tour, Sunday:

Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate Winery. The highlight was the very aromatic tree at the front entrance. Cap'n Vino picked up on it as soon as we were out of the car. "What's that smell?" he said. "Is that-? Is that - grapes?"

"Don't be ridiculous, Vino. It's a winery. Not a grapery." Yeesh.

Vino updating his passport upon leaving behemoth Peller Estates, where they matched their Ice Cuvee with gerbil. gerbil the herb, not the rodent.

[Editors note: Chervil. Yeesh.]

Lailey Vineyard. They matched an '04 Cab Sauv with Rosemary and Sausage. A very lean tasty all-natural nitrate-free sausage. Very very yumbly. Cap'n Vino ragged me out for flashing him (with the camera). He's an ornery little beotch sometimes.

Professor Plonk reads the information sign on the premises of Reif Estate Winery. It says, This is just a garden. Please go inside and buy lots of wine. We need your money so we can pay for these exorbitant renovations. Go on. Go.

The new wing. Plain on the outside. Fancy Dancy on the inside.

Best pairing of the day: Beer-battered halibut with Irish Harp Ale at the Irish Harp Pub. And they weren't even on the tour. Definitely yumbly but I never should have ordered the three-piece portion.

Lovely entertainment in the form of guitar, fiddle, mandolin and a voice surprisingly sweet for a stout-drinker.

Fwig is docile. Too many halibut fishes.

Leaving Coyote's Run Winery. One stop left to complete the tour.

Niagara College Teaching Winery. Rain signals that the tour has come to an end. We caught them trying to pack up early. Not so fast, hombres! We came for a swallow and we didn't leave until we gots one.

Monday. I take a vacation day. This is Peter Pan's new puppy. He's already ginormous. Nothing is safe from him. He tore two brand new pillows to ribbons. Pan entered the room moments after arriving with the purchases to find the floor a sea of feathers. He patiently gathered them all up, sealed them in a plastic bag and put it in the trash can. A half hour later he went back out to find the garbage can lid on the ground and the backyard covered in feathers.


A Robin buit this nest in the corner of Pan's back deck. She's become quite comfortable with human and canine presence and allowed us front row seats while she fed worms to her four babies. Incredible. Yeah, I should have got a picture of that instead of waiting til they were napping. Look, this isn't National Geographic, okay?

And now - another long weekend approaches! Excellent...


Digital Polaroids said...

Thank you for all your words.

Kathleen said...

The new addition to the Reif Winery looks like a church...just sayin'.

Peter Pan's new puppy is ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

lol@ editors note, and that new wing building is crooked!
And you eat fish, COOL! What happened to the cous cous or whatever you were cooking before?

Beautiful dog, so handsome! And mischievous lol.
And you need to think ahead to action shots, I agree... but no worries.

Annnd that's enough of the "ands" from me. Have a great long weekend!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I was cooking falafels before. And they went in the garbage. I'm experimenting with vegetarian habits but I have not made the leap to vegetarianism at this time. First priority is to stay healthy and explore these factors that affect the joy or lack-thereof in my life.