Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mmmmm... herby winey goodness

It's that time of the year again. The Niagara-On-The-Lake Wine and Herb Festival. Or - as I declare this year's unnofficial theme - the I Came for a Swallow Tour '08 *

That's Professor Plonk on the right. And on the left, a brand new friend. I guess we'll call her Doctor Swallows for now. She's working on her masters degree in the field of swallowing. It's true. They actually have schools that teach such a skill. Shocking, isn't it?

[Editor's note: It's a perfectly legitimate medical field.]

This is Buddy, Patio warden at Palatine Hills Estate Winery.

Captain Vino is growing impatient. He wants to see this world-class swallowing action we've been hearing about.

Every wineglass should be so big.

Bike rack? No idea what's going on here. Either I clicked by mistake or someone snatched my shigital camera when I wasn't looking...

Hmm. More accidental clickage.

Buddy again. Pretty sure this shot was intentional.

That would be my hand presumeably. Look at that lifeline eh? I'm gonna live to be six hundred years old at least.

Konzelmann Estate Winery.

Red Moose. A Zweigelt. We hear it pairs well with all-dressed potato chips.

Doc finally exhibits her spectacular swallowing skills.

Thought I was kidding about the chips, didn't you?

On the left, Froot Loops cereal. On the right, I forget. Had to be either a Riesling or Gewurztraminer since both are sources of a rare fragrance called linalool, along with Handi-Wipe towellettes and - yeah - Froot Loops. Something that's nice to know when you're trying to manufacture unusual unpretentious pairings and a special experience to tittilate unsophisticated newbies. I like to think we were playing along more than getting sucked in.

The cashier's counter. Okay, maybe we got a little sucked in.

See you next week for part two!

*Special thanks to Porn King for coming up with the theme material.

"I came for a swallow and I'm not leaving 'til I get a swallow!" - Bugs Bunny


Anonymous said...

does one get drunk swallowing samples of wines? Well, yeah I guess if you swallowed a hundred samples eh?

Dr. Brainiac said...

Mmmmmmm, vino... One swallow may not make a summer, but it will damn sure make your weekend! ;o)

Kathleen said...

Oh yeah, swallowing is a medical field. She'll be instrumental in getting stroke patients and others who have lost the ability how to swallow again. Someone I know was in the hospital within the past year and had to have a swallowing coach...I remember because it elicited the same giggles. ;-)

Hmm, so that's Capt. Vino...nice to put a face to the name after so many years.