Friday, February 13, 2009

Dress me up and take me anywhere

So Pan and I are returning from the book barn with a reclaimed two-panel wooden door for his bedroom because a couple nights earlier he punched his current door into a thousand splintereens on account of the dog being bad and the fairly obvious assumption that it must have been the bedroom door what made the dog be bad.

And yes, the book barn also sells reclaimed building materials. It's your one-stop used-stuff place. So there.

On a whim we stop at Le Chinois for a nifty little Indian buffet lunch which I totally wear.
The first casualty is a spoonful of butter chicken which leaves a nice trail on my black shirt before hitting the floor. The next is an entire tandoori chicken leg sans one or two bites.

Finally I lose the knife. It decorates both shirt and black jeans in butter chicken sauce en route to the carpet. Pan about has a heart attack laughing. "Are you gonna pick that up?"

"Before we leave," I say. "That and the others and whatever else may fall in the mean time."

As the waiter brings the bill we are both crouching under the table salvaging stray cuisine and cutlery.

"Wow. I'm covered in food," I say as we leave.

"Yeah, and your fly's open," he says.

I check and he's right.

Oh well. At least I'm wearing underwear. Hey - I had a good time and no one (and no doors) were hurt. So there.


The move to Hamilton which has occupied roughly 130% of my time is finally complete. Soon I will have all my new arrangements and logistics settled which will absolutely entail 40 hours per week of writing time of which a portion will be dedicated to blogging regularly. I should be able to commit to five posts per week. I want to get this boat sailing.

Also hoping to renew participation from Aequitas and Skeeter Willis and get Tati (Terry Ann) on board and make this thing a more dynamic community. Looking forward to spending more time with you!


Kathleen said...

Wow, I've been gone a long time. I didn't even know you were moving to Hamilton. Will you be closer to the Freak Magnet?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I am closer to the fridge magnet! I mean -- Freak Magnet.