Friday, April 11, 2014

April A-Z: Honking the Horn

More of my little cartoons rescued from the awesome website. I'm hopeful it will be revived one day. The other telephone pictionary sites are just not the same. The theme is automobiles. I'll include the captions which prompted the drawings if I can remember them.

Oh yeah! My Happy Cube's been delivered!

Drive-by sponging

Penguins learn the hard way not to hitchhike.


A gang of cats hijack the lunch truck

 Some folks are too eager to die

Vader hates my race car. Oh - and ouch. My legs

This must be Goofball's work

Hi ho silver, away, cabbie!

The parade ended with the priest and his prawns

The new Dodge Remoraz is a gas guzzler

Satan is awakened by an accident on his front lawn

The snake thought his eggs would be safe from vans on this park bench


Exxon Mobil is always looking for new innovative ways to spill oil and kill people

Doc is thrilled to see the Tardis towed away

Arizona badlands drive-thru massacre

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