Monday, April 21, 2014

April A-Z: Milking the Cow

If cows have put anyone's kids through college it's gotta be Gary Larson's - the Far Side cartoonist. Oh - and - you know - dairy farmers all over the world. Here's some of Larson's work you may not have seen because they were originally rejected or otherwise unpublished:

Cow Tools

Okay - I'm caught in a lie already. Everyone has seen this one. It was never rejected. However it should have been rejected. Papers were inundated with letters from readers who didn't get the joke. The problem, according to Larson, was making one of the tools look like a saw. Readers then couldn't figure out what the others were. The only joke is that cows don't make tools.

Amoeba porn flicks

(untitled and notoriously tasteless)

Jesus rises from the grave 

Just in time for Easter...

"Listen... You go tell Billy's mother and I'll start looking for another old tire."

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