Sunday, September 27, 2015

ace /ās/

It was their adventure; their quest. A fine heartfelt bonding experience. A coming of age.

But as they finely closed on the object of their macabre interest, the older boys descended on them as older boys will do, to ruin everything for their own pointless, cheap, cruel pleasure. For kicks. For the hell of it. Because they could.

But Gordie will not have it. Not this time. He will defend their moment and most certainly pay dearly for it later. He draws the sacred item; a real live GUN. And clenched in both hands he raises it and targets the leader.

“What are you gonna do?” Ace snickers. But his smile is nervous as he glances at his cohorts. “Shoot all of us?”

“No Ace,” says Gordie. And Ace knows at once that he’s not bluffing: “Just you.”

--paraphrased from The Body by Stephen King, and film adaptation Stand By Me (Columbia Pictures 1986)

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