Tuesday, September 29, 2015

acerbity /ə-sûr′bĭ-tē/

Suger-free aspartame. Sucralose. Hypnotising pocket-device eyeball strain and squatty plumped people perved out on extra-wide TV screens. Sodium nitrite and hydrogenated oil. Fudgee-Os that taste like bland chemicals and pulp filler and nothing like fudge.

Hey kids! Did you know that when I was your age Fudgee-Os tasted incredible? Like chocolate? They were fucking amazing. Sorry for the foul language but that is the precise truth. They tasted fucking amazing. If you went back in time you’d be shocked. In the 1980’s I used to bang away on an Underwood typewriter made in the sixties. It still worked perfect in the nineties when I gave it away. Your great grand-parents used to care about quality. They were a different breed of hominid.

We however, work longer hours (and get paid for fewer) even though those hours are absurdly leveraged by technology and resource-rape. We tilt the global imbalance of wealth to absurd degrees. Our poor live like kings and our rich live an unnatural existence which makes a complete mockery of the human reality.

And how do we leverage this hyper-excess of productivity? Not by making stuff better. By making stuff worse. The marketplace has become a theatrical battlefield where masked villains peddle facades and screw each other over. Where does the over-productivity go? Into the ground and into the skimmings. Over-manufacturing, planned obsolescence, dollar-store disposable versions of products that were once expected to last for years or decades. Massive food waste, military destruction... All of the fat skimmed to make the super-rich super-super-rich. Capitalism must generate waste in order to perpetuate. It must because collectively, the working class does not get paid enough for what they produce to afford to collectively buy what they produce. The new perversion of trade. The cream rises to the top.

Not by making things better.

By making things worse.

But it’s easy to imagine that things are good. It’s easy to believe the pretty pictures on the packaging when our minds are trained by obsolete survival instinct keying on reputation, not reality, to look at our experiences, not directly but rather through the eye of the other.

image courtesy of marketing execs

image courtesy of google maps

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