Friday, September 18, 2015

Pointy pointy point points

So now that everyone’s been inundated with talk of refugees, migrants and Syria and can’t bear another moment of it, I will finally say a thing or two now that no one will be listening, and I shall do so in the meagerest point-form fashion:
  • When I say I would prefer that Canada give more help to them, this is not tantamount to saying I wish them granted citizenship. I’m immediately thinking of safe harbor while the matter of amnesty might perhaps be addressed more globally. I’m thinking of the concept of foster parenting if you will, whether there is existing functionality to serve such a concept or whether I am, in effect, proposing that such might be created? Okay, obviously I haven’t thought this out! It is simply an inclination that I wish help for these people!
  • I’ve been asked: do I want to “let everyone in” to Canada?
1. Sure. I don’t care. I don’t self-identify as Canadian and I don’t give a rat’s ass who does.

2. I don’t actually give myself any credit whatsoever for making “Canada” what it is or for the tremendous comforts, privileges and (dark-seeded) indulgences that it provides us. I do not feel even remotely entitled to claim deserving of them (though I do enjoy them!) while other peoples of the world are not. I can’t identify with such a conceit or understand why, in the past, I surely did. I can’t recall what rationalizations I once perpetrated. I only know it stemmed from the illusions of our bestial tribalism.
  • I’m sick of foreigners coming in and stealing our jobs and using up our welfare! I am told. Yeah. I don’t get that at all. The Canadian economy is built on immigration. Immigration creates material needs which creates jobs. And our immigration policies do very well, thank you very much, at bringing in hordes of wealthy immigrants who take large portions of foreign wealth out of their economies and into our economy for our benefit.
  • They have made a mess of their own country, I’m told. Why should we let them mess up ours, I’m asked.
Well that’s very interesting because blame is a very dicey and largely illusory concept, isn't it? Who are “they”? My guess is that the ones who are fleeing for their lives are not as responsible for “the mess” as those they are fleeing from. Isn’t that a fairly safe assumption? As for our own innocence, are we not making a mess? No? Really?

One could find himself sitting in the dirt because he owns no chair, saying, “Fuck a duck, have I ever made a mess of my life! My ass is in the dirt!” or one could find himself sitting in a big comfy chair saying, “Ah! What comfort! I am a success! This is no mess!” But if you did not earn that chair by working and paying for it legitimately; if you stole that chair from Guido The Brain Basher and he knows it, then who has made the bigger mess? If Guido is on his way to pull you out of his chair and bash your brains in, then the sitter in the dirt is looking like less of a mess-maker than you, don’t you think?

Guess which circumstance I’m metaphorically assigning to Canada?

I think we’re thoroughly deluded. I think that all of our economical and environmental practices are deeply flawed – nay – criminally corrupt; entirely unsustainable. As a nation we’re totally exploiting poorer countries and turning their labour into our wealth. That cannot go on forever. That we’re exploiting our natural resources exponentially beyond their rate of renewal is not even remotely debatable, even by the ruling classes (those unnaturally rich and running government, media and corporations) who constantly distract us from this insurmountable crisis in the making.

We sit around sucking our thumbs, nodding our heads to a fantasy democracy totally controlled by a few corporate-owned-and-operated parties who pretend to be diverse as long as we are dumbbells and only listen to their scant differences; the li’l issue o’ the day, and don’t grasp that the world and the environment are rapidly furiously changing in the eyes of global context. The real physical world is NOT conservative! To me, these parties are in fact all monstrously conservative by any real point of view, and then we elect the most conservative; the one most dedicated to preserving our slave systems and the least in touch with global reality. Have we not made a mess when in fact democracy means that the government is accountable to the people and it is the people’s responsibility to dismantle an ineffective or corrupt government and build anew? That is our responsibility which is over and above the responsibility to vote. We imagine that the media is enforcing some kind of accountability which is a farce. The mainstream media only plays the watchdog role in the most superficial manners. It never confronts the government in any way damaging to the institution! We “Canadians” are beyond inept. The time for rebellion came a long time ago. We’re a bunch of sissy-pantses!

The threads that hold our entire society together are incredibly fragile and completely interdependent. When the systems start to fail, by god, they are all going down and our society will melt down into complete chaos. And the primitive remains of it will swiftly convert our tech-slave society into an overt slave society and this will be a horror. People will be the new oil.

Of course it’s really easy to deny all this when we’re sitting around in our comfy chairs with no fears about Guido. None at all! And why should we? Because Guido ain’t coming for us, after all! He’s coming for our grandchildren who we purport to love.

Could I be wrong? I would love to think so. Maybe technology and resources will provide ever-deeper opportunities for exploitation stretching beyond the Earth; our solar system; the galaxy, etcetera, as required to sustain the ultimately-unsustainable human slave paradigm well into the future. But I really doubt we’ll be able to make that leap before the crash.

And if you’re in denial, let me throw you a little hint. When the day comes that western governments start saying, “Yeah, we need to repeal minimum-wage legislation – just as a temporary measure – just to get the economy stimulated,” that will be the sign that clinches it. That is when covert slavery has begun the irrevocable shift to overt slavery. And the end will be nigh. If you’re still alive when that day comes, you soon might wish you weren’t.

Strangely I feel no dread or rage over any of this. To me it is all a logical forecast and perhaps not a certainty. Where there is life there is hope, says Stephen Hawking. But hope, without action is the greatest sin of all. Hope, without a plan is just dumb. And the only plans and action I see are by marginalized people who truly act out of love and not selfishness and who are swiftly labelled by the powerful as radicals and eco-terrorists and such, and we buy into these labels because we’re dull-minded ass-backwards sheep who are just eager to hear that our lives are A-Okay!


Oh well. Perhaps we’ll find the miracle that accelerates our stalled evolution (the functionality exists I have reliably witnessed!) and another miracle with which to enlighten even the power-mongers who hold all the cards. And armies. Meanwhile I live for today, looking for ways to improve and be less a part of the problem and more a part of the solution. That is something joyful and something we can all take part in.

Well, so much for point form. I tried!

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