Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Siblings, the movie

Siblings (2004)

I’ve seen a lot of movies lately. This one really stands out.

You can call it a black comedy I suppose and it is funny but it offers more than good laughs. It’s easy to fall in love with the heroes and get wrapped up in their plight.

The characters in this film are vibrant, unique and well-developed.

Jackie May’s script is witty but Director David Weaver really brings it to life creating a quirky, almost surreal environment. Marvelous acting performances all around to sell Weaver’s off-beat vision, especially by the youngsters. Bravo.

The highlights are in the dialogue but not so much for the words as for the delivery. It’s the subtle things like facial expressions and body language that amuse and delight.

The plot is improbable but not entirely implausible.

This isn’t a movie for small kids. The subject matter is mature – lots of references to sex and death but it mostly falls under an umbrella of rather charming innocence.

The only complaint – and this is petty – is the stereotypical personality assigned to the teenage daughter. It’s the standoffish self-centered persona that seems to come out in every ‘teenage-daughter’ movie character. If I was a teenage girl I'd be getting pretty pissed off with hollywood these days.

All around, a great effort. One of the more enjoyable movies I’ve seen in some time. It’s available at Blockbuster Video at full-week rental status. Don’t miss it. Enjoy a solo sneak preview and then re-watch it with your family!


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