Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Magical Steve-o Mystery Tour

As always - spoken words are in regular text, his songs are in italics.

Look at me in this picture. Do I need a tan or what? I look like Whitie McWhitenheimer.

Individually wrapped bacon is good for your heart. Individually wrapped bacon won't make you fart. 'Cause it's not beans! It's not beans. Individually wrapped bacon is not beans!

Will make you teeth turn green.
It tastes like Listerine.

Two peanuts were walking down Queen Street and one was a-salted. Ba-Zing!

Chicken thighs
I want chicken thighs
Much to my surprise

Ham-bone's connected to the
Wiener bone. wiener bone's connected to the

I went to the Slippery Factory once. But I don't like to talk about that.

I'm eating your...

You know what I think? I think your dish washing skills have gone down the drain! That's right. Ever since you got that new job at the Factory of Nuclear Science and Revolutionary Technologies. That's right. I said it! We're going where no man has gone before. To the land of making-shit-up.

It's dryer in here than a nun's vagina.

RIGHT: Grosby Slippery Factory, Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia. Original owner Mrs. Fanny Ann Gower (1880-1925). Presumably they manufacture slippers.

The preceding concepts are inappropriate for all ages.


Dr. Brainiac said...

Hmm...I thought the slippery factory was where they concocted various and assorted lubes. My bad.

Gotta take The Girl to nqduvwr practice...

Kathleen said...

Does his brain ever shut off?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Brain? That never occurred to me. I shall have to look for the switch.