Saturday, May 19, 2007

Praises to the Whipper Snipper

Vrimm vrimm vrimmm! We trim, we trim!
Whippery snippery zippery zimm!
Grass blades torn and broken away,
We edge the turf to a perfect array.
Hydro or gas, we fuel the machine
That buzz-carves our yard border clean.

Guests arrive to our pristine lawn.
Cold drinks flowing; the barbeque's on.
We lounge in our chairs agog at the scenery
Born of the Snipper and nature's greenery.
All is beautiful! All is serene!
As we scream to be heard 'bove the neighbor's machine.


Anonymous said...

hahaha... the poetry is cool, but the PICT made me laugh. Looks they were all geared up to fight a nasty fire. Nope. Just cuttin the grass...

Kathleen said...

At least neighbors generally only cut the grass once a week. You could live across from a man-made lake where some asshole (ahem, sorry for the expletive) runs his radio/remote control boat all day every single solitary fucking nice day.

Babs Gladhand said...

Fwig - Since I work for a landscape company I thought about asking if I could print this off and post it at the office.

But then I realized that I'd have to explain most of the "big" words to the guys.

So, I'll just keep it to myself.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Supermom: I stole the picture of the firemen/grass-snipper/astronaut types. The pooch'n'garden pics are my own. I guess I should start labelling the pictures and at least give credit to those I pick-pocket from.

Kats: I get the vague sense you're not entirely 100% enchanted with the mechanical water rat.

Babs: If you do ever have to explain the word 'snippery' I'd really like to get the transcript. Thanks!