Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am a Wrimo

I've joined Nanowrimo. It's true.

Here's what this means:

1. I have to write the first draft of a novel within one month (of November). Or at least the first 50,000 words, anyway.

2. I'm probably crazy. I met a bunch of other Wrimos on the weekend and they're all certifiably crazy. They have names like Welestra, Wordtraveller, ChrisK0, Girlwithapearl, Ziggi, Viorica and Carasin. And then there's a Gale. Just regular ol' Gale. But she's an Anglican priest-slash-fantasy adventure writer so she's probably crazy too.

3. I may not be doing a whole lot of blogging during the month of November. I'll be kinda busy. It may get quiet around here.

4. I have to finalize an outline within the next three days if I'm going to have a chance at this. The outline, once finished, must look roughly like this:

linear thematic
events events

Currently, it looks something like this:

5. Also within the next three days, I must:
a) Get familiar with the main character.
b) Name the main character (suggestions eagerly accepted).
c) Figure out how to stop MS Word from crashing every time I try to save a file (great time for this to come up).
d) Inform friends and associates that I'm on November hiatus.
e) Destroy telephone

Okay - back to outline fiddling {sigh}.

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Roger said...

here is a nutty idea,
take the fist name from a dearly departed grand parent, and last name from favoite town....hmmm mine would be.... Waldo Lewiston

Kathleen said...

Mine would be Jim Cairo or Bess Mexico City. ;-)

Good luck. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

You will do great :)

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Jean-Paul Ybor City.

Hm. I'll have to pass.

But Waldo Lewiston is perfect for a particular secondary character! I'm stealing it. Hope you don't mind!

Thanks, ladies. Your support is highly valued.

Babs Gladhand said...

Well, Mine would be Goldie San Francisco. Or maybe Aggie Key West.

I don't think I'm helping.

But yay! You're a wrimo! I'm absolutely 100% positive you'll do fabulously.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Ulani London? Anchor Cardiff? I hope the name you decided on in the end is more believable than those 2 offerings! :)

Anyway, just wanted to say we are rooting for you.