Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Attack of the reverse stalker

So I'm at the Williams Coffee Pub actually doing some productive writing for a change and I notice a woman who, if I'm not mistaken, is an independent movie director who I was introduced to once a long time ago. She's there with a fellow and a couple laptops.

When she disappears to go buy a latte, make a call or tinkle or whatever, I approach the fellow and ask if his coffee mate is who I think it is. He confirms and is keen to chat. He's an actor and comedian and the two of them are writing a script together. He's a prolific chatter and tells me all about the acting and comedy industry, even after Director Lady returns and I try to indicate I should get back to work and let them do likewise.

As I have told him about the Jammin' On The One improv comedy group in Toronto which I have attended and plan to continue to do so, he wants to know more. He asks if I'm on Facebook.


He writes out his name and tells me to look him up on Facebook.


So after a bit of a battle I finally locate him. He spelled his first name "Richard" when on Facebook it's actually "Rich". Okay. Forgiven.

He accepts my friend-request the next day.

The day after that, I look up the Jammin' On The One facebook group and try to send an invite for him to join. After a long battle I discover why I can not make this work.

He has vanished. He is no longer my friend and he is no longer visible to me when I search for Rich McManiac-Comedian*

Apparently he had a change of heart and blocked me from seeing him on Facebook. He's treating me like some kind of stalker when he's the one who initiated everything.

Let me be clear. My feelings are not in any way the slightest bit hurt. I'm almost entirely immune from caring what others think of me; good, bad or otherwise. Every living person on earth is cordially invited to not want to be my facebook friend. Block me to your hearts content!


Don't talk my ear off, request that I go to the trouble of looking you up on facebook and gathering info to send to you, so that you can peek at my profile, decide I'm not elite enough for your social-climbing purposes and then sever our connection without notice, leaving me to waste more time trying to fulfill your request in vain.

My time is worth more to me than gold, you thief. Don't steal from me. By stealing from me you reap the consequences of your actions. Your consequence? You now are forced to choose between career and family. You can't have both. Because if your career ever ignites, and you're doing stage shows - I'll be there. And I'll be wearing my steel-toe work boots. And I'll be jumping on stage with you and kicking you in the balls - which will probably be the funniest part of your show. Thus career blossoms; and children - not possible.


* McManiac-Comedian not actual name.


Crushed said...

I guess it just happens to be a fact of life, some people are jerks.

To be honest, I don't really look at people's profiles unless I already know them, or they actually direct me to lok at their pics.

Anonymous said...

He was nothing more than a pretentious charlatan with a phony sidekick.

Chris Benjamin said...

what crushed said, some people are jerks.

Kathleen said...

Dipshit - him, not you.

I'll be your friend on Facebook and not block you, because I was raised properly.