Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Revenge of the Morons

Steve-o and I have been in a dispute with the landlord for two years over the living room window wich leaks a ghastly draft and drives our heating bills into the stratosphere. They continually fail to meet their endless promises and flat-out rejected any disussion over their liability for our elevated utility cost.

So at the end of December we gave notice that we were leaving as of January 31st and yes, that's only 30 days notice but too bad. The situation can not be tolerated for another 60 days and no further rent cheques are forthcoming because the last month's rent deposit is already in their possession.

They responded with an eviction notice stating that January's rent must be recieved by January 28th or eviction proceedings would begin.

For their sake, I hope that eviction proceedings take less than three days or else we'll already be gone.

In other words, they've said, "What! You want to leave! Well, no way! Under no circumstances are you allowed to leave of your own volition. You can only leave if we tell you to leave! And we are telling you to leave! So leave! Um... unless you want to stay. In which case, you may stay."

I have no intention of responding to them - except perhaps to suggest they take their act to the Monty Python people.

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Kathleen said...

Morons...they have to pay for that eviction notice.