Thursday, May 14, 2015

abide /əˈbīd/

Neo pretty much ended the formal process wherein we had discussed at length, one at a time, the particular subjects of relevance to the poetic process and its resultant understandings; indeed all the subjects of relevance to the human experience. It is hardly surprising given the forces of natural selection which compel all adolescents to shift their learning toward peers and experimentation as the target adulthood of all mammals demands and which parents regard as teenage rebellion. And it is probably well that he did so, as ideally only the process itself should be taught, while understandings are his to discover through experience. Of course, in an ideal world of bountiful time and resources I would devise many ideal experiences for him.

Our companionship these days is casual and infrequent. Until he realizes that there is so much more of the world to learn than anyone, at eighteen, can possibly have absorbed; until he is ready for assistance again, or a valuable peer with which to consolidate with, I wait and remain loyal.

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IntrepidReader said...

I am sure you have done a lot to make a difference in this person's life. It's natural and necessary to break from the nest and find out who you are as an individual. And it's perfectly normal that it breaks our hearts when it happens. Sometimes it is so difficult not to spare them they trials and tribulations of living in this world. It's hard to watch them fail and be hurt. But it's all about growth and independence...on both ends.