Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Day Rising: The Goals

Stemming from the mandate, in essence the manifestation of harmony, prioritized by leveragability, the top-line goals look like this and they all break down further into sub-goals and strategies:

1.    Investigate, assess and support noble organizations which may include businesses for profit, or not; charities, spiritual, environmental, social justice etc.

2.    Build/support communities, live or online, of evolutionary/harmonic natures.

3.    Nurture relationships and take on leadership roles where they are needed with the strategy to pass on said leadership roles.

4.    Set positive transparent examples in terms of harmonic behaviour.

5.    Spread harmonic ideas through blog, books, songs, social media and volunteer work.

6.    Continue to learn, evolve, re-learn and re-evolve through courageous exploration of ideas, experiences, dialogue and the arts.

I’ve started breaking this down into actual to-do lists which are maddeningly voluminous and begin at the top with defeating all the barriers to the above directives: health, sleep and financial issues, and the generation of inspiration, discipline and productivity. And all of that alone looks like a full-time job. Well, if that’s how it is, that’s how it is. There is time in a week for two full time jobs when both jobs are a joy and a security company is willing to pay you to do one of your jobs on their dime. The uniform may be all wrong but I can look past that.

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