Saturday, May 16, 2015

ability /əˈbilədē/

To detect the illusions in all normal things, the flaws in all normal testimony, the forces of ego when they assert their will and the tinkering of rationalization. To see the greater contexts, the crystallization of reality; to appreciate the miracles of life and Earth and the simple solutions to apparent problems: all emerge from poetic experience; from recognition of the constant bombardment of distraction and illusion that is society, and the escape from it. There is no peace like the peace of clarity.

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IntrepidReader said...

I LOVE the picture! And I totally agree with your point about clarity. It is so hard to rise above or escape from all the bullshit of life, but we have to in order to not totally lose our minds.

So what if I AM a robot? Does that mean I can't comment? That is discrimination.