Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yeah, you're not gonna like this...

I kind of hope I don't pull the trigger on whatever the hell I'm about to write because it is sure to be impatient and rantie. Rantish. Whatever.

We have this adorable little shenanigandrum going on in good old Ontario where the All Powerful Army of Stupid is sending out spastic little uninformed parents of children to protest the province's plans to actually teach something useful in school: a little clarity around that super big deal we call sex.

First off, anyone with the first shred of enlightenment has come to realize that SeX is in fact the most boring, ubiquitous, everywhere-you-look, non-big-deal since breathing air, with every mammal on the planet robotically absorbed in it one way or subconscious other, most of their waking moments. Not to say that you don't need to be informed and smart about it. Just like you need to be informed and smart about breathing air. You don't mess around with water safety and you don't go wearing shopping bags over your head if you want your life to go well. Similar concerns around sex. And you also don't need to invent a shit storm of superstitions about breathing air: invented by religion and smooshed all over innocent deranged humans already mired in hang-ups and delusion.

And if you don't realize this then I am sorry, but you are lacking the shred. I have no patience to be gentle this morning.

Oh but no, no, no, FWG! You got this one wrong! Sex is WAY WAY a big deal because it can be beautiful and magical and wonderful if you do it right and all nasty-nasty-spoiled if you do it wrong and then it will fuck up your mind!

Nice try.


I went down that road for years and I've learned enough to see how fucked up I was on that road. Lots and lots and lots of things including sex can be beautiful and magical when you do it beautifully and magically with your beautiful magical chosen one or whatever stand-in suffices for the 99% of you following a relationship model that does not actually work for you. The epic jeopardy you all imagine is all in your heads. Your heads are not fucked up because of sex. Your heads came that way because you are human and by the way, there is a process for unfucking them if anyone is interested.

Let me get to the point.

The Parents Of The World have had the burden of sex education for some ungodly horrific eon now and have done the shittiest job of it in the history of shit. If anyone deserves to be fired from anything it is you. Good riddance.

And gawd bless Kathleen Wynne and the good teachers of Ontario (those many I've met are tres awesome by the way) for taking on this job.

I am sick to all fuck of year after year hearing about young gays and transsexuals killing themselves because they don't feel any love and don't understand that they belong in this universe every iota as much as YOU. Every time they are destroyed, a world is destroyed and so is my heart.

For once the Army of Stupid is not going to get their way. At least not in this particular dip-shit province at this particular time.

Thank heavens.

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