Monday, March 21, 2016

A-to-Z: Theme reveal!

Welcome April Alpha-Bloggers!

I’ve already assembled much preparation for this year’s April A-to-Z blogfest. Last year I did 26 must-read books, one per day except for Sundays, and succeeded for the first time, getting all 26 articles posted on time! Now I know how it’s done and nothing can stop me!

Being a giant movie-buff (I literally watch six films per week on average) I am going to plug unforgettable must-see movies this April, but I can’t choose just twenty-six. So you’re getting a hundred! A few each day. Most of them are rightfully popular so likely you will have seen many or most already, but I invite you to skim over those mini-reviews and read up on those you haven’t seen. Let me convince you to hunt down and view some special flicks with the power to move your heart, challenge your views and strengthen your insights!

Whoever you are, I hope you’re going to participate this April. If you leave a comment here, I will make sure to follow you along.

Going forward I am planning to participate in A-Z every April. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the projects I am already laying the groundwork for, for the coming years (in no particular order):
  • the A-to-Z of ecology/climate change (tons of research here)
  • the A-to-Z of spiritual evolution (celebrating the very compatible core wisdoms of both science and religion, and the surprisingly accessible route to joy and freedom in the modern age. I have been working at this for years!)
  • and A-to-Z short films. Not reviews but rather I will publish for the first time 26 short videos of my own creation! Obviously I will not produce them daily but will be working on them for a year or more in advance.
See you April first!


Natasha Duncan-Drake said...

I love movies, I cannot wait to find out which ones you have picked. I hope to see some titles that are worth hunting down :). See you in April.
Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

JEN Garrett said...

Oooh, popular movies! I'm always on the lookout for a good film.

You'll find my theme reveal here:

Ravyne said...

Oooo movies! I think I am going to enjoy your posts! Your upcoming themes look exciting too! I will be stopping by! ~Lori~

Lori @ As the Fates Would Have It
Lori @ Promptly Written

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Wow! Just wow for your future plans. They sound amazing. I'll be interested to see your movie lists this year.

Susan Brody said...

Hello, I'm impressed with your current theme, but I'm beyond impressed with the fact that you even have some future Challenge Themes lined up! I'll be visiting in April!!

Nilanjana Bose said...

Whoa! You've got more than 2016 A-Z sorted there! Kudos. You'll be sailing through the challenge! Good luck with all the research and A-Zing.

Best wishes,

Random Musings said...

I love a good movie. Looking forward to seeing which you choose :)