Monday, March 14, 2016

acquiesce /ˌakwēˈes/

This is what I have done so much of and with so much of my time. Remained silent in the face of absurdity. Graciously letting people talk at me. And like the song Solsbury Hill, thought about cutting connections. Not with scissors but with transparency. Those who could not stand the transparency; they would feel alienation between us and they would do the cutting.

But with time my circle of associates slowly migrates, as with everyone I suppose. But my pattern is clear. I make more and more friends with more artistic and spiritual interests and lose touch with more friends whose interests are of little use to me, and thus the imperative to draw the line, or even to disappear, gradually dissipates.

It helps that I have finally found myself in a solitary employment role where I need not be constantly diplomatic with some of the direst morons in the land.

I could be optimistic like others I know (and even Eckhart Tolle) and say, whoa! Things are getting better! People are waking up! I am tempted to see it that way, but no. I must be honest. I think it is just that I, and others who are similar to me, are gradually tuning their personal circles into superior configurations. I see no evidence that the world at large is waking up.

Look at the ghastly sickening horror show going on in the United states. A man with no wisdom, very little intelligence, a lot of bestial cleverness and false bravado is gathering reams of frightened sheep to his bidding; sheep who are so afraid of the monster inside themselves that they will adore a mighty liar who assures them the monster is someone else. This is the antithesis of waking up.

Kill the pig… bash her in… build the wall… take him out…

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KayW said...

I am in Australia and we are all shaking our heads at what is transpiring in the USA. They will become the laughing stock of the world if this idiot gets into power!