Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm not proud of this

Here’s a horrible confession: I have at times literally despised Eminem. Every time I’ve heard his voice I felt like my brain was instantly dissolving into a formless radioactive sludge and I would immediately yearn for him to die die die please oh please die let a giant meteorite obliterate him and send his demon soul back to the lowest plane of hell!

Harsh, eh? Ten thousand apologies if you are an Eminem fan.

But I know that every time I’ve ever heard a popular song and said, “Wow. That’s crap!” I have been guilty, not of infantile thinking, but worse: of not thinking at all. Any song reaching popularity will have at least something inherent worth connecting to, or it could not have generated a single fan.

I know that it is no more the song’s fault then mine for failing to connect.

Obviously more work and talent goes into some songs than others and they may contain more ports – of sorts; more pathway opportunities to subconsciously connect, but all of this is under the radar of consciousness so who the hell are we to act as though we’ve done all the accounting! When we feel like we do not like a song we have accomplished no accounting whatsoever. The patterns of musical experiences seem to give evidence of what is good music and what is bad music but that is illusion. These are only signposts which point toward inaccessible destinations of internal mind. It is hopelessly ignorant and narcissistic to call a song crap because all that that means is that we have failed to connect to it, where others might have succeeded.

To call a song great, however, is legitimate and substantive because there we have evidence of successful connection. Light escapes the secret internal source and shines on our accessible mind. There we have proof of the song’s success as well as our own, though we can not truly trace it! Every song you like is a credit to you! Celebrate it! Boast of it!

This is why I do not give a flying care, whoever you are, what songs you do not like and why you should not give a flying care what I think of Eminem’s dark soul – I mean – Eminem. Just tell me about the songs you do like! For that is all you are qualified to do!

(Such a big meteorite – like – fifty metres wide, but not big enough to cause a mass extinction….)

“The simplest emotions are born and grow in impenetrable darkness, attracting and repelling each other like thunderclouds in accordance with secret affinities. All we see on the surface of the darkness is the brief flashes of the inaccessible storm.”–Georges Bernanos

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