Monday, March 28, 2016

acre /ˈākər/

The Jazz Lion and I hit it off spectacularly the first time we ever got together outside of the college where he was about to graduate from a fairly prestigious music program which he seemed not to have much regard for other than the networking it availed him, and his relationship with music professors.

He pitched his knives at me and then – sorry. He performed his kitchen knife sales pitch – for me and then out of seemingly nowhere we suddenly discovered our rare connection; how we both had been experiencing incredible joy of late; in total awe of the planet, of life and humanity. We were both at the same peak stage of an evolution. We shared parallel attitudes and understandings; his stemming from musical discipline, deep contemplation, psychedelic exposure and tremendous restless energy for new pursuits. Mine from the discipline of writing and truth-seeking, deep contemplation, poetic escape and total avoidance of anything requiring energy!

With his girlfriend, they acquired a ten-acre farm and plotted a music festival fundraising – slash – charitable food-harvesting enterprise and invited me to move in and participate. In hindsight I should have been braver. I should have taken part and strengthened the endeavor in whatever ways I could, but I took the safe inert route instead and declined. They did launch one event and then new interests slipped into their lives and they have since moved out and split up. I think she went looking for a mediocre reliable father type man instead of a potentially brilliant father, making the same tragic mistake which most of us constantly make: we regard liability over opportunity. As such, a world which desperately requires change does not change. And so we are all collectively slip-sliding away.

More and more I am realizing there are realities of energy flow which science has not yet explained but I think undoubtedly will so, gradually. I have dropped my guard and admitted to witnessing evidence of Reiki validity. The Healer has channeled insights through it, which I have validated. She has also released me from back pain just by waving her hands at me!

I have felt natural environments strengthen and revitalize me.

There was no material reason whatsoever for this one music student of many to ask this one security guard of many, “Hey, you want to get together some time? Maybe I could practice my knife selling pitch!”

“Yeah. Sure! But I don’t buy knives. Not ever. No chance.”

“Perfect! Let’s do it!”

No reason. Yet we were unerringly drawn together. Energy... Crazy, I know.

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