Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Agh! Backwards! Backwards!

One year ago I vowed to quit dicking around; to either put up or shut up; to either conquer my laziness with regards to productivity (writing) and health (weight loss) or just give up and accept the flawed creature I am and the limits thereof.

It’s report-card time.

I eventually lost 30 lbs, gained 18 back, developed some dietary discipline but crashed headlong into the calorie behemoth that is the Christmas season. Oh, and I joined a gym finally.

Started logging the writing projects and scheduling my writing time. Joined the National Novel Writing Month contest and forged a watchdog partnership with other writers on the Hamilton team. But haven’t significantly boosted productivity so far. The Nano project crashed when Peter Pan had his breakdown and I turned full-time caregiver for a week.

Decision: inconclusive.

The results are not good enough but the new structures are in place and I’m feeling motivated. Therefore – I extend the project. I need to be down another 50 lbs and up 350,000 words by this time next year.

As Doctor Lock would say… ONWARD!


Kathleen said...

Hey, at least you tried. And now that you know it's all feasible, you can keep trying. I'm back to the gym and exercising myself after taking December off to knit (we won't discuss November).

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Brainiac said...

Baby steps, dear. Baby steps. Instead of fussing about what you haven't done, why not take a closer look at what you have done? All those cubicle redecorating projects are a good place to start. I laugh my ass off (unfortunately it always grows back) every time you post a new one and am both grateful and a little sad that I don't work with you.

Anonymous said...

that's what plans are... they change all the time. Just keep your goals in your head and keep flexable.

haha listen to me!

Eventually things happen.

y'know. I am getting sick of all these pqhz verification words. Why can't they do efhti words?

Babs Gladhand said...

You joined a gym and you're motivated! Two very positive steps. AND - you still weigh less than when you started. In my book, that's a accomplishment.

Also, you've made positive steps to encourage your writing. I know we're only exposed to your blog writing, but I can tell you that from what I've seen on here, you have a gift.

I agree with Shedevil, baby steps are the way to go. Maybe instead of planning for a year, you could plan for a couple of months, and then after that, a couple more. Break your goals into smaller pieces, and you'll have more victories to celebrate.

As always, there's the high possibility that I'm full of it, too.

But I'll still be here cheering you on - no matter what.