Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Me and David

Had one of my epic dreams last night. It’s been a while. This one lacked the common Bradbury/Orwellian atmosphere and was much less surreal then usual but It was sinister and it dragged on forever.

So as not to bore the rare brave soul who hasn’t already bolted from this post – I shall note only the brief highlights:

I’m in some building after hours and stumble upon some sophisticated crime in progress (I’m hazy on the details). Being a witness, I’m to be killed but I do some quick talking and am led to ‘the boss’ where I pretend to have intentionally sought him out, seeking employment.

The boss is none other than David Bowie. In my dream world he looks and sounds the same but is not a famous musician; just a plain old crime lord.

He takes me on as one of his henchmen but is very sly and mistrusting of me and constantly tests me and promises I will die if I fail to carry out any of his orders successfully. It seems as though he intentionally orchestrates my failure through sabotage or through separate orders that ultimately conflict. I’m a resident (prisoner) of his compound and always accompanied on my criminal excursions by other lackeys who clearly hate me and look for an excuse to off me. Somehow I find tricky ways to pass these tests, complete my jobs and survive.

Fast-forward – We’re in a new and bigger compound and I have climbed in rank to Bowie’s right-hand man. We behave as confidants but there are sinister undertones to his intimate gestures. The others are diplomatically friendly and respectful but I sense that underneath, everyone would rather I was dead. I’m still biding my time, looking for a way to escape the whole mess.

Bowie makes startling confessions to me as he is changing his clothes in his palatial bedroom. I’m watching, confused, suddenly unsure whether he is actually a man or a woman (I’m not making this up, I swear)! This concerns me because I’m beginning to sense he (or she) has some (gulp) romantic interest in me, which might even be fueling the repressed hatred that I detect. His confessions concern some kind of substance addictions for which he desires treatment and his wish to end his life of crime. In essence he wishes to be captured by authorities but without warfare. He cannot admit this to the others and risk a lethal mutiny.

He sends me on a mission to deliver a thick envelope bearing confessions, evidence and a plan for his surrender to the authorities. Apparently there is no phone or internet in my dream world! But as I leave the compound I’m detected and an entourage is forced upon me – ostensibly for my own protection because I’m such a big-shot now.

As we drive away in some SUV limo or something I begin to panic. I realize that the package I’m carrying will make it look like I’m a traitor acting against Bowie. I’m convinced that I’m trapped and will be killed by my own men and am left wondering whether this was Bowie’s plan all along when I awaken to the alarm clock.

If anyone subscribes to dream theories I’m curious what you think this means. And if it means that I’m a psychopath or sex pervert then by all means – let’s hear it!


Nepharia said...

As far as dream theories go, I would say you probably ate some sort of heavy, starchy meal to cause such a dream. And that you might want to eat some more tonight so we can discover the story's outcome. ;D

The Wandering Deity said...

had the same dream some months ago, except that i work as a back up dancer for pink. ahahhah!

anyway, here's what i found when i googled what my dream meant:

"To see a famous singer in your dream, represents harmony and some divine influence or vibrations. It indicates glorification of the human spirit. Consider also your general impression of this singer and how those specific qualities may be triggered by someone or some situation in your waking life."

and i also googled what the envelope you're supposed to deliver meant:

"To see envelopes in your dream, signifies anticipation or opportunity. To see unopened envelopes, indicates sorrow news and missed opportunities.
To dream that receive mail, indicates that you need to communicate or re-establish contact with someone from your present/past. It may also represent messages from your unconscious or intuition. The mail may also be a pun on a 'male' in your life."

hope that helps!

Kathleen said...

Sweet. I had a messed up dream last night, but I can't remember it at all now. I rarely remember my dreams, but I also rarely remember that I even had a dream. I'm sure work was involved some way, those seem to be the only ones I remember.