Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day 2: Nine things about yourself that might surprise people who think they know you.

1. Inherently I am massively lazy and must constantly create structures to motivate myself. On that note, it is now after midnight and I will backdate this post to make it appear with a March 8 posting date.

2. I like ABBA, albeit in small doses.

3. I am a bastard.

4. I suffer a lot of guilt, eating meat.

5. I have not read Hunger Games. I know. Shocking.

6. I've seen all the Jackass movies and enjoyed them. I realize this means something is wrong with me.

7. I go through red lights at night when the coast is clear.

8. I am about to start a diet. For real this time.

9. I'm nervous in dark basements.


Roger said...

#3 is correct, because now i have "dancing queen" playing endlessly in my head...

Claudia said...

I like Abba too :) and am kind of lazy too. Not often. Actually, it's more like forgetful ;)