Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 7: Six things you wish you’d never done.

In reality I would not change a thing as I can not possibly track the countless twists of causality that would alter who I am today as a result. But if I must examine events worthy of regret it would be so:

1. Killing all the gym lights during the high school band performance. How long can an orchestra continue playing in the dark, you ask? About 3 seconds and for the last 2 of those, it fails to resemble the intended song. Now you know.

2. Sending JN (an ex) the letter.

3. blindly assuming I wanted all the normal things that normal people want.

4. Jumping the 12' fence.

5. Assembling a very impressive unpaid parking ticket collection. Postage stamps might have been less problematic ultimately.

6. Ordering steak at Montana's last night. They're now 0 for 3 on steaks. This time though, I allowed them to take it off the bill. Resolved: I will order ought but their ribs henceforth.

So there.


1 comment:

Elizabeth Twist said...

Yes yes on #3, exactly, precisely.