Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 5: You win five million in the lottery. How do you spend it?

This is tough. I've been asked this before and I think my answer's been very different every time. Here's how I feel today. I'm assuming the award is after taxes.

gift to parents - 500,000

gift to brother - 200,000

gifts to other friends, family - 200,000

payoffs to shallow money-grubbing associates: "Take this and get out of my life and don't come back asking for more or I will have you killed and bribe the judge not to put me in jail." - 50,000

bribes to judges - 150,000

bed & breakfast type facility for use by New Day Rising charitable enterprise. - 1,000,000

studio - 45,000

printing press - 35,000

fund: operating expenses for NDR organization - 750,000

fund: other operating expenses - 175,000

fund: personal living expenses - 240,000

flying around money - 25,000

matrix fees - 30,000

other charities - 250,000

socially and environmentally responsible investments - 1,000,000

rainy day savings - 350,000

TOTAL: - 5,000,000

Okay. That felt kind of lame.


Anonymous said...

That wasn't lame that was what they call being prepared for the future... just in case. LOL!

I've been changing some things around on my blog and want you to come and check it out.

I posted some more about my comic, which is coming along quite well.

Talk later GTG

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Michael, I seem to have fallen off your invited readers list.