Sunday, April 19, 2020


No Google, I did not mean pandemonium! Go suck a lemon!

Hey hey - it’s day off day at the A-to-Z so I thought I’d introduce my new thing which I’m calling Panda-Monday-Um. Yeah, you see what I did there?

You could look at it as total filler one day a week or as the best thing ever. I have discovered that the sight and sound of a panda eating bamboo is possibly the most soothing and weirdly satisfying thing ever. To be reasonable, you’d expect that I must have some sort of OCD thing going on, in order to be susceptible to this but if I do, I don’t know it.

And yes I know that this is Sundayum and not Mondayum but we don’t get any Mondays off in A-to-Z land. So there.

I don't know why this particular panda is in jail. He looks like a nice enough fella.

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