Thursday, April 30, 2020

Yogi, Smokey, Boo-boo and Pooh

Hey hey kids… it’s Y-Day today because Y-not? And we have been enthusiastically directed by the yellsome yackity youngster who is my three-year-old nephew. And he has dictated the subject:


So I give you a silly poem. It’s a little A-to-Z within the A-to-Z!:

This is an ARCTIC bear. He’s learning how to swim
Because his snowy home is now in terrible danger!

This is BOO-BOO Bear. He is Yogi’s little friend
He has to warn him often: Don’t upset the ranger!

These are the CHICAGO bears. They are football players
Thirty four years ago they won the superbowl

This is a DO-IT YOURSELF bear. You donate the labour
Then you get to keep the bear but sixty bucks in the hole

This is Marian ENGEL’s bear. He has some troublesome habits
He likes to hang out in libraries among the shelves of books

This is jokester FOZZY Bear. He likes to draw the laughs
But all his jokes tend to get is lots of funny looks

GUMMI bears are colourful and sweet
While they’re gummed up in your maw

HUGGY BEAR had the bum’s eye for clothes
But his profession was against the law

Tanner is an INFIELDER for the Bad News Bears
He is a little scrapper who’s always getting dirty

JACK Nicklaus is the Golden Bear, a golfer yes he was
He would score lots of pars and also lots of birdies

The KOALA bear is not a bear at all! It’s true!

Some bears you find in bars for LGBTQ!

The entire MOVIE “The Bear” was framed from bears’ points of view
It was filmed in the Dolomites in Nineteen eighty-eight

In NATIVE Legends there are no symbols
But the Bear so mighty and great

OWLBEARS are monstrous things
They’ll engage you in a hostile fray

PADDINGTON is a gentlemanly bear
He lives in the U.K.

The Bear Creek QUILTING Company
Will service your quilting bee

You’ll find The Bear RADIO station
At one hundred point three

SMOKEY is a safety bear
It’s forest fires he dreads

TEDDY is the kindest bear
He’ll cuddle you in bed

The UNIVERSITY of Alberta
Has Bears in the basketball game

The VANCOUVER Grizzles, mind you
Once did just the same

WINNIE the Pooh bear’s always getting stuck
But fear not, he’ll be okay

eX-BEAR Ditka is on the TV
With always much to say

YOGI Bear just might be
The most famous bear of all

While the Z-BEAR builds you home-made bears
You can give him a call 

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