Saturday, June 16, 2007

The incredible shrinking world

I contacted my teacher from grade eight. I told him I'd be thrilled would he write back. He did. And I was.

How different the experience must be for him than for me. It must seem somewhat more like the same lifetime for him - that time twenty-five years ago. Whereas I feel more like a wizened reincarnation of that brave but fragile adolescent who lived in such a different world; a seemingly much larger world, riddled with mystique and threat and uncertainty.

I sense I have a new pen-pal. I won't continue to post our exchanges but this, his first overture, I shall record for posterity:


What a pleasure to hear from you and to get such glowing compliments!!! Of course I remember you!! The three of you were the AV guys I think. I would love to know what happened to Emil and John too. I got started in computer in 78 when St Gabes got that one Commodore PET 32 K computer!!! I finished my career in June 2005 after teaching high School since my start in Germany in Sept 1983. For the last 12 years I was teaching Computer Animation!!! I loved my times at St Gabe's and Camp Tawingo was always a highlight for me as were the ski trips. I can assure you that you were picked for the volleyball team for your talent not a sympathy call. I have attached three pictures.

I have 2 daughters 22 and 19.

OK so tell me more about you, your life, what you do etc.




Anonymous said...

How freaking awsome is that? You are lucky to have had a great influence, and hopefully this IS the start of a nice pen pal-ship. LOL.

I run into old teachers(and a principal one time) at my work. One asshole, Mr.Scott(English 12) said "So... Dawson. This is what you've done with your life eh?"
"Get a grip old man, I'm not in your class anymore." I snarled before I could stop myself.

Suffice it to say, I could NOT stand the man then, and can't now. He just laughed. He actually could have had me diciplined if he complained. To his (small) credit, he did't.

Anonymous said...

That's so neat... I worry that my grade 8 teachers will be dead by the time 25 years has passed... perhaps I should let them know what a difference they made sooner rather than later...

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

LOL! Did you really say that to him! That's priceless! Don't regret it. It's too funny to regret and obviously he deserved it.

Matt, I'm thinking life is short. I'm thinking it's good to let everyone know how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did say that. And then peeped out a quiet "sorry about that." and wished him a nice day hah!

Kathleen said...

I think he deserved that comment, Crazy. What a dickish thing to say!

I think about contacting teachers from way back when but then think that they don't really want to hear from me. Self esteem issue, perhaps? ;-)