Friday, June 29, 2007


…And you know what that means.

Okay. No more pencils, books, dirty looks etcetera. Yeah, yeah. Okay. But more importantly:

No more stopping behind the flashing lights of big yellow busses.

No more chauffer moms (or dads) adding to the daily rush-hour load.

No more crossing guards taking their sweet-ass time (Sorry Aunt Karen – no offense).

And no more parents halting their cars in all bizarre manner of places and traffic situations and angering other motorists and then sending their children out to scurry through traffic (and said angry motorists) to get to the schoolyard – if they’re lucky. I’m convinced this is some kind of extreme strain of Munchausen syndrome.

There’s one school in particular where this problem is really bad and police cruisers habitually sit nearby trying to deter folks from this practice. Now they’ll be freed up to do more important things. Mainly, following me around everywhere I go, dishing out speeding tickets and breath tests.

So what does it mean?

Fifteen minutes people! It took me fifteen little old minutes to get to the office this morning. Shorter drive time means more time to spend at the office, saving the world through quality marketing data! Hoo haw! We’re livin’ the good life now.

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Kathleen said...

School is only just out up there? Dear heavens, I'm so glad I went to Catholic school. We were out in early June. And in high school we were out in May.