Monday, July 16, 2007

Attention all buffoons of the world!

Particularly male buffoons.

I offer you a tip on how to be somewhat less a buffoon. It is this:

Upon entering a public bathroom, urinating and either washing your hands or not (preferably the former), do not - I say DO NOT - turn the bloody light off on your way out the door unless you first bend over - down, way way down - and peer under the stall partitions to ensure there are no shoes resting on the floor. For the presence of shoes is a clear indicator of the presence of feet - and by extension, all the other bits and pieces of a human being who just might be using the commode at that moment and who just might even be a poet of sorts and who just might be jotting in his notebook the foundations of a profound work of literature!

And he just might not be a magical elf or a coal miner or a bat or otherwise be equipped with infra vision or a mining helmet or fucking sonar!

I can't write in the dark, people!

This is the second time in just a few months this has happened.

Bloody buffoons.



Dave said...

One might be tempted to suggest that perhaps you spend far too much time in the bathroom.
Oh...and keep the pen.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

It's a thought I've considered.

Kathleen said...

Why are people turning the light off in a public restroom? I only do that when I know it's a single seater - and those are fairly obvious.