Monday, July 02, 2007

Blinding the Mind of the Beholder

The usual features
Arranged within the visage
In most ordinary manner;
The most average of composition,
Well devoid of spectacle,
Stirs responses most spectacular
In the mind of the beholder.

Eyes set apart mean distance,
Nose at the most usual latitude
And canted at the median degree,
Mouth and lips all stock dimensions,
Regular chin, standard brow,
Cheekbones found in the first spot looked.

This purest absence of character,
Attributed the loftiest characteristic
Reveals belovability inherent
In the template human form
And again in every model.

But infinitely fickle
Is the mind of the beholder;
Incrementally distracted
By each slight variation.

While a knack for multiplication
Makes for dangerous equation
When we're penned upon the shell
Of this single lonely planet.


Anonymous said...

I sent my kitty pict over to stuff on my cat as requested. ;)

Babs Gladhand said...

I love the poem, even though it made me sad.

Maybe it's just the combination of having fallen asleep on the couch and listening to Bap Kennedy singing Moonlight Kiss that's bringing on the sadness.

Or maybe I just need a healthy dose of dckyunjd.

Kathleen said...

I'm having trouble finding the cheekbones on Mr. Potatohead, but had no problem finding the cflgrf.