Sunday, July 29, 2007

Steve-o's Flying Circus

Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan,
Chaka Chaka Khan,
Chaka Khan had sex with an oyster,
Chaka Chaka Khan...

Tofu is the life-giver of all living things.

Keep in mind, I'm not a snoozologist. I'm not a qualified medical expert in the field of snoozology.

I just did some crop dusting, going up the stairs just now. You know what crop dusting means, don't you?

She's a cheesy lover.
Something something something something.
She's like no other...

What do we need school busses for? We should just use a pneumatic tube system to suck the kids to school. The trick of course is to strap down their lunches securely. No one wants to have to clean stray lunches out of the tube network. That's the only reason it hasn't been done before.

Tempted by the fruit of your mother...

You need to water the plants in the white planters daily. They're the water suck-whole of the universe. This one - you only water it when it starts to wilt like Moses. I don’t know what that means. I guess Moses was a wilter.

Thrmp-thrmp! Thrmp! That's the sound of kids getting sucked to school.

Wilting Moses! Wilting Moses! Moses a-wilting...

Any dissertations from Chakka Kahn, Phil Collins, Phil Bailey, Moses or that guy who sang Tempted by the Fruit of Another are not endorsed by Steve-o. Or, more importantly, vice-versa.


Babs Gladhand said...

I can't stop laughing over the thought of kids getting sucked to school. As a mother, I probably shouldn't find that funny, but that's probably the exact reason I do find it so hilarious.

And I am so using "Wilted like Moses" from now on.

I hope Steve-o doesn't mind.

Anonymous said...

mom's are a strange breed. You have two camps: the ones who find such thoughts as Nasty, Evil and What's WRONG with you?

And then there are ones like us, We yell: Bring it on baybee!

Kathleen said...

The pneumatic tubes would be environmentally friendly, too. Thank of all those buses not spewing carbon monoxide into our precious breathing air. Steve-O's brilliant (at least this time).