Monday, August 24, 2015

#94: A heart which learns to kill

Four years ago, almost to the day, I popped a CD in the car while driving solo up to the Muskokas to rejoin a cottage vacation. The album had that day been given to me by Neo and I had no idea what to expect.

I was immediately unnerved by the vocals. It was Bob Dylan’s voice but with a sort of chainsaw harshness to it, and the music sounded Dylannish too. “What is with this awful Dylan wannabe!” I cried.

But before the disc was done I knew I’d have to hear it again and upon its completion I let it loop and immediately listened again. It then lived in the car stereo for a couple weeks. And to this day, The Wild Hunt remains in my top 10 albums of all time. 

By Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man on Earth)
2010, Sweden

The Tallest Man On Earth is actually only about five foot nine but his music is immense and timeless. I hear he’s rather tired of being compared to Dylan but when you’ve got the same voice, a similar style, and confess that you studied him as a role model, obviously it’s going to happen. Personally I love Dylan and this guy too and quickly learned that comparisons are not useful.

The entire Wild Hunt album is enchanting in a kind of natural organic way (Matsson was known to home-records his music with guitar and vocals on the same track). The music is delicate but powerful; comforting yet haunting. And his voice – well – I quickly got used to it. The material largely smacks of the afterlife, the eternal and the inner mind. I find much poetic comfort in it.

Two singles emerged from the album but Love is All is not one of them. Here’s the official video followed by links to other Wild Hunt tracks which come very close to making this list.

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