Monday, August 31, 2015

acclaim /əˈklām/

People ask me if I have been published yet. Writers tell me to get my ass in gear. I understand their curiosity and concern. But having something published is not the prime goal and never has been. It is certainly potentially useful in the right circumstance but it is still only one component of a wide enterprise: to effectively champion harmony through evolution… through art.

The right thing must be published at the right time. And whatever currencies arise from that must then be leveraged wisely.

For the most part I think to myself, I don't want anything published unless it's so right, that the world needs to hear it. And I wonder are those standards out of reach of my ability. It seems like I'm always overreaching. Whatever I accomplish on the page, I envision something more.


Robin I. said...

Right on, Fantasy Writer Guy! So many people think writing is about publishing, but I don't like having my half-assed work out there. I don't want my writing that still feels immature, even though I've been writing forever. And if it's not bringing anything new to the world, why put it out there?

My belief is that my work will eventually offer something new to the world, but it will take time.

At the same time, I wonder if I am being too harsh on myself. Maybe you are, too. Maybe it already does more than we think. Maybe a little entertainment wouldn't hurt. Maybe we do facilitate new ideas in our readers. Maybe our unique perspectives on things are enough to be offering something the world hasn't seen.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Maybe you're right, Robin, about all of that.