Sunday, August 16, 2015

a cappella /ˌä kəˈpelə/

I was surprised when young Neo asked me about Hall & Oates, knowing, of course, that they were from my “era.” I couldn’t imagine anything from the realm of 80’s pop music falling on his rather sophisticated music radar, let alone this duo who were frankly kind of square; never regarded by anyone “hip” even in their day. I had little to offer other than a couple album titles worth looking into.

But I’ve always thought Hall & Oates worthy of greater regard, largely for their celebration of the human voice. It is always their voices driving the songs; their two primary instruments. And no, there is no Hall & Oates on my top 100.


IntrepidReader said...

My friends very musically gifted 4 year boy loves Hall and Oates and requested one of their songs at a music fest on the weekend. You Make My Dreams Come True.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

That's awesome! And such a good song too!