Wednesday, August 26, 2015

access /ˈakˌses/

Peace. Freedom. Joy. They form a tremendous inner strength. They have transformed my life. Often I wonder, should I let them be more outwardly apparent, rather than to so often surrender so willingly to the forces which beg for normal behavior; appeasement of the tribe.

Peace. It is the confidence: knowing the poetic body contains the answers to all apparent problems; so often the revelation that they are not problems at all. It is the purpose which drives me, at least when I am mindful of it. A consolidated purpose, consistent with every criteria I have imagined. It is knowing where I belong and the simplicity of my needs.

Freedom. It is the dissolving of so much societal illness and mental discord which depends on illusion to exist. The absence or near-absences of loneliness, embarrassment, hatred, stress, longing, jealousy, offence, impatience, anxiety, trauma, covetousness and more.

It is the shedding of labels and all their inane baggage!

It is the ease of integrity and the absence of those ghosts born of posturing, positioning and deceit. It is the absence of false needs or specters of false happiness. It is escape from illusion. It is the renewal; the starting again, unanchored by possessions and uncluttered of the wayward false perceptions of normal indoctrination.

And joy. It is constant awareness of the unfathomable unlikelihood of this magnificent Earth; a true paradise, and of life itself and of the human being, with its stunning potential for the new evolution which I have seen! The potential to turn a universe of immense darkness and power into a thing of immense beauty. It is the appreciation of miracles.   

Peace. Freedom. Joy. They are the natural consequences of humanity underneath all the illusions of society, tribe and ego. Such an unexpected treasure to unearth and now, years later, almost taken for granted as they wax and wane but remain strong.

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