Tuesday, August 11, 2015

abuzz /əˈbəz/

Everyone thinks of gossip as something that they don’t do; that the term is reserved for some particular level which they never sink to. Yet everyone does it. I suppose I catch myself at it still, on rare rueful occasions. We're so terrified of being in the dark, of losing an advantage; being disadvantaged. Why is so-and-so absent! Who has applied for the promotion! What did she say about me…! Hey, just between you and me – you can keep a secret, right?

I know I was once mired in this mania and yet I can’t remember what it was like. I just know that now it has become unbearable. It is a dreary unpleasantness to be gossiped at.

Please! Just let me mind my own business! I don't even want to know what people are saying about me! Because the "me" they think I am is not who I am, anyway! But to explain to people why it is folly to try to deal with affairs other than your own, is always a path to nonsense. How do I explain the beautiful peace; the beautiful freedom in simply minding your own business in terms of the social arena; in terms of all this vain recreation we label life instead. So few appear to me to have the potential to achieve this state. I will not waste my time and pat my ego trying to explain to my duller associates why they are being unwise. I will save my good advice for those special persons who are ready to hear it.


IntrepidReader said...

I think a good definitions of gossip is needed here. Gossip has it's uses and benefits. Malicious gossip however, does not. And yet people lap it up. Standing in line at the grocery store is a gossip fest of celebrity misdeeds. You can access gossip any time, anywhere It's part of the human condition..our need to dish on others.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I agree. Gossip has its uses and benefits to the ego and assuages the ego's needs. But it is the condition of each human to have the capacity to examine their ego and choose how much to let it control their life. Though most humans almost certainly never do, I guarantee it is possible.