Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 86

The evil trinity of malevolent interlopers remains and has given no clues to its purpose. I summoned the courage to lift it off the floor to vacuum beneath it. It remained docile, allowing me to do this. Then it hit me - the danger I'd put myself in. I curled up in the corner and trembled like a leaf.

On the subject of clutter at the Grotto of Cool and my own passive-aggressive endeavors to battle it (I assume Steve-o checks this blog as he knows I occasionally quote him here), I've started attaching "CHRISTMAS IS OVER" tags to various Christmassy layabouts.

The trophy, by the way, is Steve-o's beer-drinking trophy. He consumed 24 beers in six hours and lived. It's the major part of his contribution to the living room decor. He contributed that, a kleenex box, four houseplants, the hi-fi gear and a small mountain of video game controllers.


Kathleen said...

How do you drink that much and not get full? To say nothing of bloated?

Babs Gladhand said...

We still have our Christmas tree up at the office. The really sad thing is, it's only about 2 feet tall and all we have to do is put a trash bag over it and take it upstairs.

I could always delegate someone for tree removal, but it would hardly be fair seeing as how I'm the one who dragged out the thing.

Trix said...

Just coming by to say Thanks for the comment on my blog at http://JESSEBLOGS.BLOGSPOT.COM
You have a great site,I bookmarked it and will be stopping by more often :)

Anonymous said...

Was that a spam that got by you? Or not. Whichever, heh.

He does that on purpose, he loves to dream that he gets under your skin!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Kats -- By passing out immediately after.

Babs -- Christmas is over!!

Jesse -- Thanks! And I'll be back.

Supermom -- Spam? Where?

Anonymous said...

My bad... it's nothing, lol... I skimmed the comments and just saw Jessieblogs@blogspot.... thats all it was.