Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When PoP caNs ATTacK!

Contact lenses can make you blind!

So I go to open a can of pop and it’s fighting me. The little tiny cave-in hatch thingy doesn’t want to cave in. So I add a little muscle and what do you suppose happens? The metal tab thingy, under severe pressure, snaps off and flies like a bullet at my eye, ricochets off the right lens of my eyeglasses and sails through the air.

Good old fashioned sturdy eye-glasses people! Had I worn contacts it would probably have sliced right through it – and my eye to boot!

Wear glasses for safety.


Anonymous said...

Oh CHOICE! Go back to Loblaws or wherever you bought it, and march up to the butchy/bitchy night shift lady and complain. Presidents Choice products are GUARANTEED(they really are, but you can just call the 1-800 number on the can if you were so inclined but my idea is even more FUN) LMAO! see what she says, it'll be a hoot!

Trix said...

I actually get mad when I try to open a can like that and the little pull tab just weakly breaks off and what the heck am I to do with the can then,except take it back to the shop...which is a problem if I am driving somewhere abd stop for a soda.Glad your eye wasnt hurt,thank heavens for old fashioned sunglasses !! :)

Kathleen said...

Or where safety glasses whenever opening a pop can.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Supermom: Excellent! I SO will do that!

Sukhaloka said...

Omigosh. Scary, that!

Oh, and if you DO follow Claudia's suggestion then please post about it!