Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bring it on, Reliance... bring it on.

Okay - is it my imagination or are these mailings actually coming more frequently? Have those little turdmuffins at Reliancehomecomfort-adivisionofontariohydroenergy actually ramped up their operations against me?

Would they do that?

Fools! Don't they know that my capacity for bitterness and cynicism runs far deeper than their postage budget?

If they must learn the hard way - so be it.

As you can see, I had some difficulty with the letter 'a' there. I find that the 'a' in 'least' is one of the more difficult a's to print. It's an ongoing struggle.



Kathleen said...

Brilliant! I have trouble handwriting "ow," although I will concede that the "a" in least is a titch tricky.

Dave said...

I was going to be a smartass (so unlike me) and ask you why you've never considered calling the company to let them know she's no longer there, but then I realized that doesn't always work.
For the nearly five years that I've been here at the shop, we have received packages from one of our suppliers addressed to the business partner and someone named Renee. We do not have a Renee. There has never been a Renee here. My business partner's useless previous accountant has a daughter by that name, but there's no way that supplier would ever have been given that name.
About a month back I was contacted by this company and they asked for the BP or Renee. I thought I set them straight when I told them there isn't, nor was there ever, a Renee here, and asked them to remove that name from any files they may have.
Guess what the courier brought today. Another package addressed to BP & Renee. Sometimes dealing with companies is like pushing a chain.

Everybody needs a little qsnnqzzr (and you thought an 'a' was hard!)
oh jebus! vypnctbj (

Anonymous said...

thems fighting words! haha

Admit like it. When they stop (snort!) sending them you will miss it.

Kim at Reliance said...

Hi Seeking Sylvie Ruel,
I would like to apologize on behalf of Reliance Home Comfort for the delay in responding; we just became aware of your post. I'm the Customer Relations Supervisor and I want to ensure that the issue has been resolved to your complete satisfaction. Please contact me by telephone at 905-720-3594 or by email at if I can be of any help.