Sunday, March 18, 2007

'Ta-Da!' campaign launch

Say "Ta-da!" ta-day.

It's not just for magicians - or breakfast - anymore.

Show your support. Order your free self-adhesive TA-DA Spleen bumper decal. It is gamma-titanium-hexa-jupiterite coated and guaranteed to withstand average Canadian winter conditions for at least two days and six minutes.

This has been a paid announcement from the Ta-Da! Advocacy Coalition. Supporting, celebrating and promoting the phrase "ta-da!" since 2007. Now 2 members strong. For more information mail TDAC: 9th Avebue & 17th Street, Ybor City, FLA.


Anonymous said...

55 winter days in Vancouver hehehehe

Kathleen said...

Since Detroit weather is the same as Ontario winter I'm not sure it's worth the price, but I definitely want to be a member of any club that contains you and Flumadiddle. I'd be cool just by association! ;-)

Babs Gladhand said...

You're just too kind, Kathleen.

Fwig, the spleen is lovely. It makes me crave Mexican food. Which is rather odd, don't you think? Do normal people crave Mexican food when they look at a spleen?

I will say "ta-da" today as much as possible, but if the rest of the day goes like this morning, "ta-da" will probably be used out of context. Like- I'll say "ta-da" while thrusting my middle finger into the upright position.

Sweet cheese on a cracker- I just noticed the stickers are FREE. In that case, I'll take 7,438 of them. I'm going to spread me some "ta-da" love.

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Momsthename: Listen, you! No bragging about your weather allowed here! Only complaining allowed. Read the damn policy paper you were handed at the door!

Kats, Flumes hasn't actually applied for membership. I was referring to myself and Mr. Geebler, official TDAC Line Judge. It's a long story. Never mind.

Babs, It makes me hungry for Mexican too. No question. And you bring up a good point. Part of the Ta-da charm is it's flexibility. It's not just for happy times. I'm currently lobbying gangsters to use it as follows:

"You see what happens, Tony, when you piss me off?" [boom of gunshot] "Ta-da! You're dead!"

Babs Gladhand said...

Okay, how does one apply for membership?

I laughed out loud - very loud - at your gangster thing. I think you should write a screenplay for ganster movie. "Ta-da! You're dead!" would be a perfect name for it.