Monday, March 12, 2007

FWG's idea of funny

Sometimes I get stupid little ideas that crack me up and I have no idea if normal people would think it funny or not. So I'll make little comics or comic strips for my own amusement. I did this one today. Perhaps I'll reveal some more. Who knows.

And yes - the hand is too small and hardly looks like a hand. It's tough - drawing cartoon hands. That's why I told the Cap'n to keep his other hand below the table.


Dave said...

On one level I can appreciate the thought, the energy and vision that was used to create this little gem. On another level I wonder if you and your buddy Werner Herzog have been spending a bit too much time together.
Maybe I just don't get sea humour.

xudmoukn and cgpfmx

Anonymous said...

What is his other hand doing??


Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Thought, energy and vision? You flatter. Or else you're just being a sarcastic little sod. It's just a simple dig on the 'no sugar, thanks. I'm sweet enough' deal. That's it.

PK!! I'm honored! Didn't know you were lurking in Blogville these days. Alas there is no other hand. He has but one hand and one hook, you dirty minded little prevert.

Kathleen said...

I can't drawn even that well, so I think it's all impressive. You're so clever.

Dave said...

Ooohhhhhhhh, now I get it! I thought it had something to do with that salt cod on his plate or something.
So it was more like the "pass the sugar, sugar", "pass the honey, honey", "pass the tea, bag" kind of thing. Or do I still not get it.
Have I complimented you on your crisp black lines?

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

Davey, you little snot! You're being deliberately obtuse!

Don't make me do a new comic with FMD at the table saying 'On - no snot for me, thanks! I'm snotty enough!'

Don't make me 'cause you know I will! Just try me...

Kats - I don't take flattery well! Keep your comments non-flattering or I'll have to delete them! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would even have to say that the sailor looks alittle like FWG


Dave said...

Hey, my own comic. Cool. But you better be kind in the rendering. You know, 6'4", 200 lbs., full head of thick dark hair, strong jaw and chiseled chin, high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes....that's right, just the way I am. Otherwise I'll have to suffocate you in your sleep. Maybe not this week, maybe not this month. But I will remember and I firmly believe that revenge is a dish best served cold. That also applies to pizza and KFC.

Gotta agree with you there PK, there is a resemblance. Could be the beard, the Michael Jackson military-style coat...or maybe it's just the right hand under the table.

Babs Gladhand said...

You know, the other day I was viewing all of the comics and out of about 60, I only smiled once.

Thank you for restoring my faith in the abillity for someone to come up with a comic that actually makes me laugh.

Of course, this doesn't answer your questions as to whether or not normal people will think it funny.