Monday, April 16, 2007

FWG has an amazing hair day

It seems like any other Monday but I’m taking my shampoo’s word for it that this is a special day. I’m not sure what possessed me to actually read the label on the bottle this morning beneath the spray, but I assume it wouldn’t lie to me.

My shampoo says that it’s ‘taking me back to that amazing hair day!’ and that this ‘vibrant’ and ‘juicy’ shampoo is ‘unleashing the power of beautiful hair!’

Wow, eh?

Furthermore it assures that it is taking my hair to a place it has never gone before.
Does that seem a little incongruent? It’s taking me, on one hand, back to that amazing hair day and on the other hand, to a heretofore unknown place? Hmm. I’m sure they wouldn’t lie. I presume you have to know a bit about quantum mechanics, string theory and the bending of time-space in order to understand this and while my scientific knowledge is low-to-middlin’ in these affairs I get the idea. I have super-power Buck Rogers galaxy hair. I’m down with that.

Look out Gil Gerard! There's a new head in town!


Anonymous said...

you are soo soo bad! I just left my perch to go into the washroom to read what MY shampoo bottle says. "Repeat after me:I'm so quenched. It's time to take every strand off dry land. Replenish your pretty parched head with my formula infused with..." you get the point.

This bloggy business has messed with my sensibilities. Actually left my chair!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

'Pretty parched head!' That's excellent. I must use that phrase today.

"Listen boss, the consolidated Q2 report will get done today. Don't you worry your pretty parched head about it." Yeah. That'll work.

Clearly the information age, like the dinosaur age, has given way. Welcome to the Age of Great Hair. Uh-oh. I hope Davey-boy doesn't read this...

Kathleen said...

I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what shampoo you use, so that I can use it too and go where no hair has gone before. I'm not sure my shampoo promises anything quite so fabulous!

Fantasy Writer Guy said...

It's one of the Clairol Herbal Essense shampoos from the Fruit line. The kind that's like a fish aquarium because there's a picture on the inside of the back of the bottle which is clear at the front. It's a purplish variety. Um... Purple passion fruit or something. I dunno. I like to buy the products that are visually dazzling. I'm half human, half Bower Bird I think.

Dr. Brainiac said...

Maybe the copyeditor no so is the good with a Engrish.

Gotta run to the store - we're all out of vxtatz.

Dave said...


and furthermore...zusmqt

Dave said...

btw, the Fruit line?
How progressive of the good folks at Clairol to market an entire line of product to 10% of the population.

Kathleen said...

LOL at Dave's comment.

I think I swore not to use that product line due to their inane commercials with the women all sounding orgasmic just from washing their hair.

Dr. Brainiac said...

Kathleen, clearly you've never had your hair washed by the shampoo tech where I get my hair done. Oh. My. Gawd.

My zrdthros get hard just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...


The comments are as fun as the blog entries here.