Sunday, April 22, 2007

Guess what time it is, boys and girls!

That's right! It's poetry time! Yes. Yes, I know. Poetry time sucks. Oh well. Too bad.

No Brutality

No firing squad
No pelting of stones
No hangman’s noose
No electric shock
No guillotine
No blade through the chest
No boot to the head
No rending of limbs
No tearing out of fingernails
No drowning
No scalping
No burning
No disembowelment
No tarring and feathering
No drawing and quartering
No lashing
No caning
No imaginable molestation
Could ever be harsh enough reward for those
With the mega-maniacal bass boomers
In their cars

Oh how they would writhe eternally
Torn and healed and torn again in perpetuity
Under the filthy claws of Satan himself
If only there existed the slightest shred
Of fairness in this world!


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hehehehe I am kidding...saw your comment thats all.