Monday, June 07, 2010

Biography: Marley and Me

(2005, John Grogan)

The biography of a simple man who clearly loves his dog and presumably his wife and kids too, is told clearly and without subtlety or style. It abounds with very common relatable perspectives and some decent moments of useful insight.

We had to know how it was going to end but that didn't sway the tears from falling. So familiar is that final drama to myself and a multitude of other dog lovers.

I thought much of Blue, my own special companion who departed a few years ago and of a dear friend who lost his canine pal, Simon, just days ago at too early an age. I read the last few chapters with Blue's old training collar wrapped around my hand and now find myself unwilling to let it go. I think I shall have to sneak it into my wardrobe somehow.

The book has been edited into different versions including teen and adult. Definitely go with the mature version.