Friday, August 23, 2013

So Many Jobs...

I just went out to the cinema to spend a gift certificate I've had for more than a year, before it expires on me. I watched a movie about a man who was an ass hole in many ways but who suffered insight at times and suffered moments of great inspiration and was at times an inspiration to others. The difference between he and I, at least thus far, is that he made use of his inspiration and actually accomplished things; things that are highly regarded by some and by others (even if few), perhaps not so much.

The film attributed some very powerful quotes to him, sentiments which I have myself opined at times and which inspire me now. I intend to research them to see if other sources also attribute them to him. Obviously I'm talking about a biographical film but of course, nothing in a biographical film is necessarily true just because it's on film.

Driving home I was left thinking about the regrettable holiday my life has become. I keep looking at the stacks and stacks of unfinished projects which clog my shelves and drawers, my computer and my mind.

I need a new plan. One that starts with a single vision before breaking down into mandates and goals, but at the same time, one that incorporates inspiration. I need to keep that which inspires me most, close at hand. Some reminder, some talisman, some object I can view at moments of critical decision-making a dozen times a day, and remember why I must be disciplined; why I must succeed; why I must be a better man; why I must survive.